box set booklet

i'm going to be putting together a booklet to go with the box set of sleeping with the fishermen and i was thinking that it would be good to include information from everybody about their thoughts on each of the seven tracks. can i get you to each send me things you think about the songs? anything about the songwriting process, inspirations for the songs lyrically or sonically, what they're about (if you wrote the lyrics), what you thought of the song when you first heard it in whatever state (if you didn't start the songwriting process), how you went about making up your additions to it etc etc etc etc. i'll pick out the best bits of all of them and compile them into an outline for each track.

also, the box set has promised original, exclusive artworks - i haven't quite worked out what this will be, but look out for a request at some stage for the creation of artworks that relate to the songs!

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