Each Other Now Embrace - 2012 Christmas CD

Hey Telafonicans across the world, Now that we're back from walkabouts, my mind has naturally turned to Christmas. The title for this year's CD is going to be EACH OTHER NOW EMBRACE, a line from "God Rest You Merry Gentlemen". I thought it was a good one for this year with Blake, Adrian and me "embracing" other cultures and Ellie and Benjamin getting married. So crank up your creative craniums and choose a song to sing. The Bells have already decided to do "God Rest You Merry Gentlemen" so you might want to leave that one out. Actually, when you decide what you are going to do, why not write it down in a comment below to let us all know! Will post the artwork for the CD for further inspiration when I get around to it. Love you heaps! Bec


Bec said...

Oh! I forgot to say that I thought it might be fun to do a Christmas song with the jug band - would you guys be willing to turn up sometime, fiddle faddle around with a tune and then record it - can be rough - happy with that! Any suggestions as to which tune?

Eliza Magill said...

You can put Benjamin and Ellie down as doing 'The Little Drummer Boy' - we're yet to come up with a musical pseudonym. And I think the jug band should definitely get back together for Christmas, not sure what song though. Something very joyful!

Cherry said...

And you can put me down as doing Oh little town of Bethlehem! :)