calling all troglodytes

o.k. so i've been trying to track down the issues with running the telafonica and 4-4-2 websites. this is all i can discover - using firefox, it recognises the root as my i.p address at netspace. however, explorer tries to use 'index.htm' as the root for the telafonica site, and the c: drive on my computer for the 4-4-2 site as the root. therefore, neither site works past the opening page in explorer (and the image doesn't even load on the telafonica site as it also needs to get to the correct root to find the image). my html skills aren't enough to help me detect the problem in the code, but that is basically what's happening - explorer is looking for the wrong root address. is it worth me going through and manually changing them to the full address on each link (yuk!) as a workaround?

marcella, we've got sophia's birthday on saturday morning - is there another time to get some vocals recorded? i haven't had a chance to play with what we did on the weekend yet.

just as a forewarning, i've booked us to play at just like now on september 8. it's alongside sound it out.

also, andreas has asked if we'd like to contribute to a netlabel compilation he's putting together on electrolyt. this is what he says about it -
"the compilation will be called "seek and destroy..." . there are no real guidelines when it comes to the style. electronic in some way i guess. and always keeping in mind: interruption, destruction...then i came to relax on the beach. :)".
i'm thinking maybe 'hearing but never understanding'. any other suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

yeah that's right. "seek and destroy"...artists are welcome to do their interpretation of the theme until september 15th and let us know where we can listen and/or download their tunes. our favorites will be released on the electrolyt netlabel.
please contact us via our site on
we're looking forward to it!!