the punches or the lies

i've made myself a new copy of the punches or the lies (tm) using the updated ideas discussed on thursday evening. i switched the last 3 with the first three, and it does feel much more accessible. i am also tending to agree with cel that including the original of this is the new thing actually seems to give the whole thing a point. so, the current track list with all that in mind is:

1. This is the New Thing
2. Tape Noise (Marshall Watson version)
3. Tape Noise (Broken Chip version)
4. Tape Noise (All India Radio version)
5. This is the New Thing (Sunstroke Militia version)
6. Laughing At Trees (tiefenKLANG version) (new name?)
7. Item Number (RantZen version)

it seems to flow quite well, i think. it's not like an album where everything is planned to flow perfectly, but for a bunch of remixes from very different sources it hangs together. what are your thoughts?

and lastly, since we have to do it in the next couple of weeks - what type of paper do you imagine we should use for the packaging? i'm really liking the idea of black print on a nice paper. the latest packaging reviews on cyclic defrost have a nice review of si begg.

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