to finish things, that is the question...

artwork - not sure yet. could we use something along the lines of the stuff you designed for the monstrous now a bit earlier, david? possibly even use it?

for september the 8th, we were thinking of basically playing all the tracks from the new album through. do you guys have any time this week to do some preparation for it? i'm happy to come in to your place. i'll need to get a few of the tracks broken down because some we haven't done live before.

i'll bring a copy of everything as far as it is recorded at the moment. there's still a few things to do, mostly vocally, but other field noise things could be good as well - we've started getting them on there, probably about 4 tracks have things so far, but some more segues kind of things would be good, i think.

send away is one that's kind of bugging me - just the last section - but i had an idea a few days ago, of taking some of the already recorded vocals and really cutting them up and programming them, so it's a vocal thing happening, but very obviously not sung. at the moment, it just repeats the second verse so feels kind of pointless and not like it really goes anywhere. my original thought would be that it was an instrumental section, which it kind of used to be but again without much point. i'll play around some more, but if you have any ideas let me know. i think we even discussed the option of cutting the final section completely out. that could also be looked into.


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