us vs. them

well, the plan is to launch the monstrous now's album at just like now in october - though i haven't heard from them for a little while. but in terms of the artwork, nothing is settled anywhere, so whatever we want to use for whichever release is up to us. if we use that graphic stuff for telafonica, we need to have something else for the monstrous now - if it stays with tmn then we need something for ourselves in the next couple of weeks so i can get it printed up.

should the e.p. have a title? i was thinking perhaps a phrase from 'this is the new thing' - 'the punches or the lies', 'every prediction points to you', 'feel the bones beneath my skin'... any other suggestions?



Anonymous said...

i like 'the punches or the lies'. It's... punchy!

Anonymous said...

i got stuck on the "every prediction is coming true" phrase...