boom boom boom let's go back to my room

o.k. so we head to the bush on friday and play doof music. i'm in agreeance on mixing up our own stuff with that of others, but how do we actually do it? ableton? or do they dj gear that we can use? and what music do we actually want to play? i haven't even heard of a bush doof in a long time, let alone listened to what they play there these days - 10 years ago in my heyday maybe! do we just blow away everything and play what we want, or make weird soundscape things or what?

also, the 10th of november is at the sly fox in enmore, not at the abercrombie as i recently reported.

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Anonymous said...

well you could just play everything off cds.

or .. yeah you could use ableton, or maybe a specific DJ tool like traktor.

i'm not so sure about ableton as a dj tool, i know people do in fact use for that, never done it personally though, i just use it for my own stuff (usually just a bunch of clips and shit from the tracks that I made).