hmmm. mid thread conversations....


i heard theme from s-express on a movie last night - i've always wanted to play that out to a bunch of people. do you have it? i've got it on cd.

i also have a thing i did a few years back where i soundforged a bunch of tracks together, i would like to use the beginning of that which blends radiohead's airbag with public enemy's don't believe the hype, then into slip inside this house by primal scream. i'm not showing my age am i?

i'm pretty sure i can install software onto the laptops. we put the telafonica visuals on without any difficulty.

the new radiohead is pretty impressive. it's much more organic (i.e. less processing etc) than the last few things, and overall very mellow. still built around brilliant songwriting though, so they can't go wrong while they're doing that, i think.

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