a partial response...

Another missed JLN for us. Glad it went so well. What were the numbers like?

I felt fairly ho hum about the set on the night. Had a similar sense of some reasonably positive feedback but it was certainly not glowing. I guess for me there's just a big gap between where we're at as producers and what comes off live. I find this bothersome I must admit...

One piece of constructive feedback I received was that in some songs your vocal almost blew anything else away including both cell and I! I feel that this is one potential problem with the current set up. It's pretty crazy really for you to be expected to perform a song and know how the mix of the vocal is sounding from the audience. At the moment of course - the sound person can't fix anything in the mix... Could you send the vocals separately from the laptop to the desk?

It's also pretty clear to me that for the kind of set we're playing there really needs to be some more practice time put in. Obviously it's been difficult enough getting in what time we have. I just felt on Thursday night - whilst there wasn't any real problems as such - we just weren't really in sync.

As kind of previously planned - we've decided not to play any more shows before feb 4... As for the future - I pretty much see it as an open opportunity to go in whatever direction. I think we have a lot of potential for collaborative working across the globe - but we cant really know until we get there.

I'd really like you to build on current energy... And agree you can't really do the kind of thing you want to by yourself.

Finishing the album... We have time off from christmas to the 7th. We're away from boxing day for a few days - but should be able to do a couple of days in the studio in there somewhere. I must say I find the idea of having it finished before the 6th quite optimistic - but I'm keen to give it a shot.

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