send away

i think i've finally got a version of send away that works completely. i bit the bullet and just hacked the last section right off, so instead of going back into the 'climactic' beat bit, it just ends there, going into the synth sound etc. it still goes for over 3 minutes and i think it is a complete song - it doesn't feel like anything is missing, and it also no longer feels like there's a totally redundant section in there.

i've also registered the punches or the lies and i saw this and thought of you with cdbaby. i'll be sending some copies of tpotl off in a few days and then the album when it's ready. the main thing with this is that all the music will then be available via itunes and most of the other e-retailers on the web. it also means we now have bar codes for both - i'll send the istatoy one to you for your artworking.


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