inspired, yes, inspiring, ...??

i've been poring over some of the books and magazines you left and have been rather inspired to do things. so i've been playing around with a few things. i think the booklet idea is going to have to be what we use, just from a cost point of few, thoug we could also have some foldout sections of up to a3 size, but those would have to be greyscale (+ screenprint) - i only have full colour printing up to a4.

on an interesting note - imojjen's best friend gave her a little notepad for christmas. it's of interest to us because it was a personalised notepad with imojjen's name printed on every page. now, obviously, you can't get those in shops (with her name on it). imojjen's friend's dad made it. he works in printing and has the glue to be able to make loose sheets of paper into note pads - you know the type that each sheet tears off really easily? i think it could be a great possibility for the booklet. it also opens out nice and flat so you can see a full page spread as well.

i'm still thinking that lots of pages with relatively random stuff throughout it is what i would most like, particularly with different types of papers and different qualities of print all through it, though all tied to the actual album of course. it's the intial 'zine idea, really - or perhaps kind of like a miniature version of the type of design books i love to flick through.

so anyway, up the top is the original think i've already posted, an alternative take for you to evaluate, plus a first sketch of a possibility for a page spread. i'd love to get a nice collection of things that we both (all?) produce and have them spread through a booklet.

i know you're probably travelling and not much up to critiquing ideas and images, but if you did get some time to kill....

once again, click on the images to get a bigger version.

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