surely that's the finishing line i can see

rehearsal went quite well on saturday, i thought. when it really gets exciting is when 4 voices are going at once - this is the new thing and smells like rain in particular. it was a bit messy and untogether, but for a first rehearsal with 5 people doing things, was much better than i had anticipated it would be.

i finally got around to re-recording my vocals on requited love and smells like rain. i'll e-mail some mp3s to canada. i think they're good. requited love is definitely right (aside from the odd flat/sharp note which i will edit easily). i think smells like rain is probably right, though there's a chance i might have been a little too animated in this particular recording. the last time we discussed it we were liking the distance and nonchalance caused by the style of delivery - i'm just slightly worried that that has been lost a little bit, though i think the actual performance of this recording sounds reasonably good. it's also in tune, as are the backing vocals (it actually took a fair bit of fiddling to achieve that! i ended up recording a whole synth drone section so there was something to pitch off for the singing. now that the vocals are recorded in tune i've deleted the drone and it sounds good with all the voices together holding the pitch).

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