the separation prepared this for another marriage

eliza did a quick recording of a vocal - one take, hand held sm58 so it's pretty raw. i did an even quicker mixdown with a simple reverb and compression on it, just so the idea is hearable. it doesn't end as such as we just cut and paste the middle section on the end to fit eliza's words, and that also causes the dynamics to move etc etc etc...but you get the idea. i've uploaded the track to the virb page, so have a listen and make any comments.

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Blake said...

love her melodies and the lyrics i could catch.
the structure of the song still troubles me.
i think there is too much noise a lot of the time... which doesn't give due respect to the melody. I think the song would be better presented in a more 'primitive form'.
how? i am not fully sure. i guess that focussing on certain sound textures in respective sections would be better. i.e........ the guitars don't fit heaps well in the mix when the big synth things are operating. so perhaps leave the big aboriginal sound for the choruses and give the verses to the guitars?
just some thoughts.