I saw this and thought of you artwork

Initial concept for 'I saw this and thought of you' artwork. Working on the illustration in colour - but was playing with this outline treatment. 


ajebec said...

wow. it's really beautiful, and evocative. i've always loved the fishing hook thing you had going back in your university days - great to see it revived. would this be for the front of the sleeve, or for a larger format insert?

Bec said...

i love it uncy dave!

Anonymous said...

yeah - I was pleased with how nicely it ties to the title. I thought this would be the front. Would like to do multiple flys for the poster - but that will take some extra illustration time.

ajebec said...

also - that grey colour you have as the canvas is almost the exact colour i have of this great a3 paper that i'm hoping to print the insert on.

what colours are you thinking of as a base - for the sleeve in particular? just so i can start getting the materials together.

for the sleeve, i was thinking that i would like it to be about 14cm wide rather than the regular 12cm cardboard sleeve i normally make. this is so that it is the same width as a jewel case. i was thinking of maybe sewing up the sides rather than glueing, but that was before seeing your design. would sewing make it to busy? seeing your design, i've also thought of trying out fishing line to sew with. too obvious?

can't wait to see more!