monday arvo - the show

do we want to do a live track in the studio on monday afternoon? we can if we would like, but that would mean practising something - would you have time, blake? and if so, what should we play? we can always do this is the new thing again, but something new might be nice. nothing ventured could probably sound good with little instruments - though it would require blake learning some more mandolin bits. any other ideas?


Eliza said...

Mm, Nothing ventured is always lovely. I'm trying to imagine how it'd sound like live - would we have the prerecorded bits and then do our little instruments and singing live, or do everything there on the spot so it sounds really different?

ajebec said...

i think all of it live. blake can play the mandolin, you can play the glockenspiel and i can autoharp.

Blake said...

so are we going to practice tomorrow night?
i can.

you need to teach me what to play!

ajebec said...

maybe we can just drop in to eliza's for half an hour after she gets home from work. it won't take long and we don't need many instruments.

for it wo work with the mandolin, we'll need to drop it to the key of d. the mandolin part is easy - eliza, you'll just need to work out the glockenspiel bit in d instead of e as it is at the moment.

Blake said...

you can pick me up?

and. is the mandolin part just the same as the part i usually play?

i would like to sing as well. :)

ajebec said...

it's related to it but it's not the same. it's not difficult though.

what time you home tomorrow, eliza?

Bec said...

Blake, I bequeath you my singing part but, hey whay don't we just practise for next week at the same time, if AJE has to pick up Blake anyway?:) (Okay, maybe the Mum with Monday afternoon responsibilities is feeling left out.)

Blake said...

yeh fair enough bec.
i will now listen to your singing part bec.