This night of nights.

On a night (Saturday, 6th december) where the seemingly invincible shadows cast by lessons in time (blake, tim, alex and cory) and eliza magill posed great threat to any accompanying acts, telafonica stood firm and delivered with honest and strong intent.

With a couple of new songs, we (adrian, bec, eliza and blake) had lots of fun. the beats were big and the synths were obese; it was only ever going to be a wonderful set. 

The set began a touch before ten i believe; after eliza and blake had delivered their solo ventures to a steadily growing group of family, friends, tag alongs and assorted randoms. For 40-45 minutes or so, we played and played and sung.  Amongst a fairly energetic set list were the newbies, 'Angels we have heard on high' ('blending the edges'-the CAROL!) and 'Don't speak for me'. Personally, I loved playing both of these... it was a fairly wonderful night for Phil Gilbert's cornet.

The set list was as follows:

But I lose myself
Don't speak for me
Smells like rain
Angels we have heard on high
This is the new thing
Your hands
Nothing ventured

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