My Mixtape Summary.



            This song exhibits a really explicit and strong development of one melody. I am automatically attracted to a composition of any artistic type that is merely the stretching of one idea… stretched so far and so intentionally that it will soon snap if stretched any farther. Practically, for Telafonica, I think that this idea of intentional melody movement and development is something that would greatly benefit our ‘free-er’ moments in songs… I am not sure about adrian, ellie and bec, but I find myself leaning on making nice noise too much.   While this type of musical floundering has its place, we have many opportunities to deliberately focus on how to aid and/or develop the melody/ies. AND! I like the crescendo.


2-a surprise-Balun


            This song is beautifully textured as a whole, and also in terms of the individual textures of respective ‘instruments’. There are several very simple core parts in this piece and they work so as to build the foundation for a lovely melody.


These first two songs also have no ‘singing melody’. I think, part of what can make a band really special is how versatile they are with their respective instruments, abilities etc. A proposition: We should play more melodies with instruments and sing more accompanying choral and counter-melodic parts.


3-swimming pool- Ghoul


            This song is very simple and concise. A little music, a simple yet lovely melody is added. And then the necessary crescendo! It has it all.


4-emotional champ- New Buffalo


            New Buffalo (AKA Sally Seltmann) is just so lovely. She has to influence Telafonica in some way. Her beautiful piano and voice arrangements are worthy of consideration and medals.


5-we’re always waiting- Yacht

            This is a really fun song. And I think that is the main reason I included it. Cheeky electronics and big choral chants; it has a great mix of the artificial and natural and thus shows similarities to Telafonica’s musical capabilities AND potential character.


6-you win- Slareffenklang


            I like the basic rhythms that are dictated by instruments and voices in unison. I like how the group of voices are a little messy but still work in unison with each other (a little like one of Underlapper’s new songs) and also how the guitar works with the drums rhythmically. The fragility of the closing section/s of the piece appeals to me and is something that could add a certain depth to Telafonica’s music, especially the live sets.


7-festival- Sigur Ros


            The war-like trumpets and enduring chord cycles are matched beautifully with a song of the same fragile nature as previously mentioned. I like it one heck of a lot. Again, a certain depth and image of humanity is apparent in this presentation of song. While Telafonica is by very little means bound by electronic bases and cycles, there are more directions in which it can go to contrast the sometimes-binding stability provided by the electronics.


Any questions?

Forgive me if my ideas are hard to grasp; I have not been given a writing assignment for months!

download the mixtape here (44mb)

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