mum set list proposals

we have a 30 minute set at mum, and we're on from 11:15. we're the third band on. can i throw up a proposed set list and we can argue from there? not sure if we could fit 5 or 6 songs in, but i'll start with 6.

i can't make you love me
smells like rain
but i lose myself
the search for love aboard the belafonte
nothing ventured
this is the new thing


mum @ the world bar


a thought on nomenclature

An epiphany: if I changed my name to something starting with A, we could call ourselves ABBA. Any suggestions? My name backwards would start with an A. I think perhaps that's a more original direction to be heading in; 'Telafonica' is so generic.


smells like rain

blake - could you do a run through recording your vocal for smells like rain, recording it on your laptop? i've been working on it to get it sounding less cleanly electronic and a bit more psychedelic like other tracks in the new collection, and i'd like to hear how it's sounding with your voice in there. if you just loaded up an mp3 of the song into logic and recorded your vocal then e-mail just the vocal track to me as a high quality mp3, that should do the trick for now, until you have time to come over and do a proper recording.

Friday Night Rehearsal April 24

It is always a feeling of coming home when Telafonica meet to practise. Although my heart is divided between the children trying to go to sleep and making music with Adrian and Ellie and Blake - it is indeed one of life's most delicious experiences to telafonic in the orange studio. Surrounded by musical, cinematic and artistic paraphernalia - U2 posters stolen from telegraph poles, posters and figurines from Star Wars and The Yellow Submarine and the painted faces of Andy Rantzen and Carlos Barrios (a gallery of Adrian's Archibald rejects) - as well as Dave and Marcella's CD collection and a variety of musical instruments of varying shapes and sizes, we feel that we are in our own little club house. We work very hard of course but our chief entertainment is the interaction between Ellie and Blake which always involves a series of fairly innocuous ritual insults of obscure origin.
Friday night's rehearsal came after a long break so there was a lot of excitement, dancing and irrational giggling. Blake perfected a dazzling Legolas impersonation involving drumsticks and I a not so dazzling impersonation of a bass player. I honestly believe it was easier carrying a full term baby in my stomach than holding that bass for the length of that rehearsal!
Sometimes rehearsals stretch beyond my ability to concentrate but this one seemed to be finished and Ellie and Blake were gone well before my brain cells started to glaze over.
Thank you to A. B. and E. for an excellent evening! Am looking forward to the next rehearsal and to playing in May!




time to move the nest

here's the results of wednesday and thursday's work on time to move the nest - it's gone from a sketch into a song fairly well, i think. after playing around with a bunch of different synth sounds i think a fairly straight piano suits best for what eliza is playing, though this is a synthesised piano here, it would be best to record a real piano doing it, and the whole thing in real time, instead of patched together as it is here.

i'm imagining some glockenspeil to double the piano part in the second verse, and also more voices over the ending. (what do coldplay NOT do - we need some of that). the toy piano just didn't sound right, so it's not there at the moment (except for the ending).

the intro room noises are a part of what is there at the moment - i would imagine we'd change the length of it to suit wherever it sits with other songs, though i'm liking the idea of letting it play out for a fair while, building a subliminal rhythm, before the actual song starts.

any other suggestions/ideas?



Blake, shall I pick you up en route to Elmers'?



the lyrics in italics are ones that have not really been used... 

i found them in the word doccc

The eagle sees fit to move the nest away

In this understanding, I am tackled by the well wishes of those who could no longer be the ones to continue the well wishes

Winds and rains guide the flight

They sustain the contentment realised in commanded movement

I am assured that this is the good way

Surely, this is the good way

(While/As my carrier compliments his bond, I compliment mine and remain in the nest.)


time to move the nest

i appear to have misplaced the lyrics for time to move the nest. can you put them up here, blake, so i know where to find them? :)

peter hollo likes telafonica

peter hollo played requited love on his show on sunday night. in his utility fog blog where he puts all the playlists, he described it with the following -

"Sydney’s Telafonica combine indie and electronica perfectly"

i've added the comment to the release notes for the album. :)


gig dates

is everybody free for a gig on thursday night, june 11, that we're organising with karoshi?

also, put saturday, july 4 in the diaries as we'll be playing at a clan analogue festival that i'm organising. not sure what time yet, though.

Autumn song for Blake

Hey Brother Blake!

Here is my first attempt. Feedback/alterations are welcome.

It is long since
My memories of
Love, birth and death
Were carefully wrapped
In flame coloured leaves

When the sunlight
Turns gold
And zephyr
Winds cold
My heart lights a fire
I curl up
And open the packages


11:58 PM and the application is in!!!

the importance of triviality

In keeping with your banal aestheticism, Adrian, I shall now make sure my headings have no capitals. Only on this blog, mind you, and for consistency's sake.

Time to Move the Nest

Blake, it's really grown on me. I'm very fond of your Nest song.

I think I've worked out two parts for Bec and I to sing in the second-time-around verse, if you were still thinking of doing it that way. Plus I have a pretty little toy piano riff to play in the verse, and possibly some background-noisy, sparse chordy things for the chorus. I've been practising them on my real piano, however, and I won't really know if they work until I tinkle on the toy piano.


æowyn and the absolute truth

this is the track bec and i did for the march 20th project. i'll put all the details of the full disc up sometime soon, but i thought i'd stick the music up for now.

i had an idea that i'd like to make the music for a track entirely from a single sample. i used a short piece of violin i had recorded for cover a few days earlier. the first section was a mistake piece from the beginning of the recording, which created a nice rhythm, then the rest is the next drone section pitched to a few different notes. the lengths of each piece were deliberately set to be different, so they never sit in a structured rhythmic pattern - they're pretty much random. bec wrote the lyrics, about æowyn playing music and dancing and singing to it, but with deeper levels of meaning running around that as well.

the melody is semi-stolen from gus gus' 'is jesus your pal?', with some vocal stylings in the last verse inspired by underlapper.

note to self

a brief list of the things to do this week with the new songs.
david - are you up to thinking about artwork ideas?

i can't make you love me.

re-record all vocals
crash at beginning of singing needs better sounds/definition
drop volume of toms very slightly
adjust last two notes of bass riff

smells like rain

transfer all files across to ableton live
change handclap to something more organic?
re-record vocals
record live cymbals instead of synthed ones

but i lose myself

reverb on main vocals @ 'hello, hello'
louder vocals from everyone except adrian
more bottom end punch
synth hook after first chorus?

the quest for love aboard the belafonte

backing vocals ('if love')

æowyn & the absolute truth

record all vocals (after working out who will sing each bit!)


minutæ on bec's vox
increase volume of violin drone
drums louder?

time to move the nest

adrian, eliza and bec vox
chorus vox arrangement
toy piano melody?
finale crescendo

don't speak for me

chord change for ending
re-record toy piano

the separation prepared this for another marriage

re-record vocals
think through segue sections


in search of the sydney underground

i answered some questions for alexandra savvides via e-mail and they ended up in this article about the sydney electronic 'scene'. quite a good read - In Search of the Sydney Underground feature by Alexandra Savvides


Somebody, throw me a candle!

We're making an album?

Did someone tell me this? I'm so in the dark.

Granted, this may have something to do with the fact that I never read the blog. So... I got Bec's little note yesterday and thought I should check things out. There doesn't actually say anything at all about a new album, nothing official to clue me in. I only had the inkling when you asked for name suggestions. 'Name suggestions?' I thought. 'Is Adrian going to give our gigs names now? How strange.' Then I scrolled down the list and it was filled with (supposably) Telafonica songs I'd never heard of before!

What's going on!

(Oh -- yes I like Love on the Second Stair, particularly because I penned it, yes I like the ABBA thing also, but yes I think it would still work if we switched Adrian around. Yes I think you should contact me via real communication (email/facebook) whenever you decide to do something major. No I am not changing my blog visiting patterns.)


new album track list?

having listened through a bit this week to the new demos, i've been compelled to work more on i can't make you love me and the separation. i also think, following convewrsation with blake, that we should drop a few of the things for the moment, and maybe just concentrate on the following:

i can't make you love me
but i lose myself
smells like rain
the quest for love aboard the belafonte
æowyn and the absolute truth
time to move the nest
don't speak for me
the separation prepared this for another marriage

anyone prepared to suggest a title?