I Saw This And Thought Of You

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released march 21, 2009

Between the release of the MORPHEME album and February 2008, the three original members of Telafonica slowly worked up a new batch of recordings with the aim of creating a new album. By the time Marcella and David left for London at the beginning of 2008, these had not yet quite been completed and it was uncertain as to whether they might be released at all. A few tracks were sent to different compilations (see Super Shiny Sydney, Seek and Destroy or Pop Songs For Edith Metzger) while others became individually released e-singles (see 4-4-2 Music e-Single of the Month Club, January 2009). The 7 tracks which finally became I Saw This And Thought Of You were chosen for their cohesion, then polished up with remixing and some final overdubs for release in early 2009. With many of the tracks still staples in the band's live sets, the exposure of these songs was felt to still be important, hence their final release.

The tracks explore familiar Telafonica territory of melancholy and movement, but with new textural depth via field recordings and grainier digital manipulation. Kaleidescopes of subtly perceptable action hide and play behind attention grabbing facades.

The disc comes with a poster in a box with all design and artwork by David and his Designed by Kind Permission.

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"Sydney’s Telafonica combine indie and electronica perfectly" - Peter Hollo / Fbi Radio-Utility Fog

"It’s an album that seeks to confound our expectations of what might follow, and thus is always seemingly one step ahead." - Stu Buchanan / Discontent


1. tape noise
2. blending the edges
3. this is the new thing
4. send away
5. requited love
6. item number
7. listening in for static

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