new album track list?

having listened through a bit this week to the new demos, i've been compelled to work more on i can't make you love me and the separation. i also think, following convewrsation with blake, that we should drop a few of the things for the moment, and maybe just concentrate on the following:

i can't make you love me
but i lose myself
smells like rain
the quest for love aboard the belafonte
æowyn and the absolute truth
time to move the nest
don't speak for me
the separation prepared this for another marriage

anyone prepared to suggest a title?


Bec said...

What about "You Press Play" or "A Man will Crawl" or "A Far Safer Boat" or "Love on the Second Stair" or "All of the Sounds" or "I Have One Heart"or something from the nest song - can't think of the words right here and now. Anyway that might stimulate other ideas.

ajebec said...

a man will crawl is too u2.
i like love on the second stair.

Bec said...

Actually, after doing some listening, I have found some more contenders:

Love I Cannot Make
Each Lung Full of Air
Any Way at All
Tackled by the Well Wishes
The Contentment Realised in Commanded Movement
The Winds and Rains Guide the Flight

While I am here, I love that song, Blake - the Eagle one - it is so nicely written/sung/arranged and I've never heard that almost subliminal electronic purring sound. Really nice!

Blake said...

that almost subliminal purring sound is your husband! (not purring... he made the purring sound)
i am glad you like the song bec, i think they are the favourite verses of mine

adrian-the cuts you made are reasonable
i don't think 'the thickness of white' would stick with these other songs
'i don't have what it takes'-hmm...i thought it might be nice as a kind of minimal escape within the album... but the list no less desirable without it there. why, specifically, did you take it out?

i would like to suggest a slight shifting of direction in regards to the recording of 'the quest for love...'
perhaps we could start the song without so many parts involved and build it through the song, OR through the intro
after those first 3 songs i reckon it may be nice to slow it down a bit; yeh, on re-listening to 'the quest for love...', i think it would be a good idea to draw the introduction out a little longer. thoughts?

would we consider moving 'but i lose myself' to sit after 'time to move the nest' and before 'don't speak for me'?
that way 'don't speak for me' is not the only up-tempo song on that end of the album... (i don't know if that is something that anyone else would care about)... AND! i think that 'smells like rain' sounds good after 'i can't make you love me'.

were you going to get me to try and sing 'smells like rain' still, adrian?

album names: 'love on the second stair' and 'the contentment realised in commanded movement' are my picks, it is still early days though

ajebec said...

i have to say i still think love on the second stair is my favourite - it has nice inferences to lots of different and contrasting things - domesticity, back alleys, a play on 'love at first sight', plus the whole 'love' thing seems to be a dominant theme of lots of the lyrics.

i'm happy to give a stripped down beginning for the belafonte a go, though i do like that at the moment it starts out with all guns blazing and then kind of winds downwards from there until the ending is quite stark - it's pretty much anti what a song structure should be and i like that about it. it also creates a nice segue between very busy, dense upbeat things and much moodier, starker things because of that downward progress.

don't speak for me is a little odd because the instrumentation is very minimal (until the ending) so it feels a bit empty alongside the much busier tracks that are also uptempo. to me it sits more comfortably as a brief respite to the slower tempoed, but musically similar (i.e. starker) pieces.

i'm happy to be talked into reinstating i don't have what it takes - it just didn't quite seem to fit in its present form for me.

Blake said...

don't speak for me: the ending is not working for me at the moment, i think it needs the percussion tracks to get louder, or for some distortion levels to increase on them
the cornet part i play is very bright, but the rhythms stay the same volume as they have been the whole song
you said that the 'instrumentation is very minimal (until the ending)' and i think that should indicate that there is reason to 'lift' the rhythms in some way or another, so as to fit with the evolution of the density of instrumentation and volume