Somebody, throw me a candle!

We're making an album?

Did someone tell me this? I'm so in the dark.

Granted, this may have something to do with the fact that I never read the blog. So... I got Bec's little note yesterday and thought I should check things out. There doesn't actually say anything at all about a new album, nothing official to clue me in. I only had the inkling when you asked for name suggestions. 'Name suggestions?' I thought. 'Is Adrian going to give our gigs names now? How strange.' Then I scrolled down the list and it was filled with (supposably) Telafonica songs I'd never heard of before!

What's going on!

(Oh -- yes I like Love on the Second Stair, particularly because I penned it, yes I like the ABBA thing also, but yes I think it would still work if we switched Adrian around. Yes I think you should contact me via real communication (email/facebook) whenever you decide to do something major. No I am not changing my blog visiting patterns.)

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ajebec said...

i was wondering when you might resurface!

i'm sending a cd to you via jack today, so ask him for it. you know all the songs on it, probably just not their names.

i've got a mic for the week - you got any time to record some singing?