sorry to be such a persistent nag

but my guitar in the separation is a tad behind the beat

re: smells like rain... i am still not totally convinced by my voice in there, but i guess a better judgement can be made after we record it better

re: i can't make you love me... i think the ending is a little too far drawn out and bland. if the ending is to remain that long, i think there needs to be more dynamic, melodic, rhythmic changes and accents

re: time to move the nest... are you and bec going to sing in it still? i really like what the voices of eliza and myself sound like together in that song... but it will be even better if you and bec sing in it, i think.

those are my main thoughts on the new album demos.


ajebec said...

the separation : maybe you just played it badly.

smells like rain : i'm liking it more and more. it has a real loping psychedelic kind of feel which i like a great deal. properly recorded vocals may lift it a little bit more, as will some of eliza's voice - but for me it feels like it is something of itself now, rather than a pastiche of other things which never quite gelled.

i can't make you love me : i thought the repetition was the point. at least, that's where it came from originally - a mass of repetitive rhythm to round it out. does it not work?

time to move the nest : for me the main issue with this track is that the climax isn't climactic enough yet. i think i need to listen to some sigur ros. i think some extra singing, lalala type, for the choruses might work, but i think the meandering of blake's and eliza's voices around each other in the second verse is perfect as a step from blake's solo voice the first time around.

ajebec said...

i worked out the guitar issue on the separation - the version on the disc i gave you is still the version that we last critiqued. it's been updated and fixed since then, but i haven't rendered a .wav file of it yet.