so you may have noticed that i've added a twitter thing on the blog. i went and signed up for twitter - no idea of it's actual effectiveness for anything other than taking up time, but i figured that between 7 or 8 people, if we each looked at it once a week, a collective presence will be made. you can find our twitter page at http://twitter.com/telafonica.

one of the blogs i regularly read is an excellent one called 'new music strategies'. it's by a new zealander based in england and is quite good at throwing up ideas into the brave new world of the music business this side of the invention of filesharing. a recent article was about twitter. read it here. if you follow the links to some of the other articles about twitter, they talk about how a band my use twitter usefully.

so anyway, it's there - use it if you like. i'll e-mail everyone the login details.

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