we say thom yorke

Did anyone happen to catch We Say Bamboulee on fbi yesterday? They were live in the studio from 8-9pm. I forgot at the last minute and only caught the last ten minutes, but they sounded so good! You couldn't tell they were doing it live, crammed into the thing. Anyway, they finished off by saying that they had a collective band man-crush on Tanya from Sherlock's Daughter - I agree completely, only it's more of a girl-crush, obviously - and it occurred to me that Telafonica should decide who our official other-artist crushes are. A challenge! Not only are we co-ed, but Adrian probably won't let Chris Martin be on the list. Well, I wouldn't mind if he weren't on it. Thom Yorke, however...


ajebec said...

i did happen to listen to the whole thing - just by chance i started streaming the radio on my laptop just as they started. mostly, they were choosing other people's tracks and talking about them as they went. the song you heard was the only live one.

talking of tanya from sherlock's daughter, i stumbled across these yesterday when i followed a youtube link on the sherlock's daughter myspace page. it explains her stage presence - she's had a previous life in putting on a show -

am i allowed to be part of band crushes? the whole uma thurman debacle has made me a little wary. but certainly there's no way chris martin will be making it onto any collective list - he will have to stay on the personal one in your deranged little mind, magill.

Blake said...

don't worry adrian... we can say that the inclusion of uma thurman was for my sake