wreckovery dj set no.1

i finally took the plunge and worked out how to beatmix full tracks with ableton live, and got two sets ready to play at wreckovery last sunday. so i thought i might upload the sets that i get ready/play, whether out in public, or just at home. in the end, i only ended up using the tracks from one of the lots i prepared, so that one is here ready now, but i'll actually have a play with the other and stick that up sometime as well. i'll also put a streaming player on the blog permanently at some stage. so....

this set is almost exclusively freely available netlabel tracks i've collected over the last year or so. i also stuck in a brand new luminarsi track which he posted to some friends just last week. all are quite minimal which then means quite a lot of layering can happen without too much clashing. for most of it there's at least 2 tracks playing at any one time. for that reason, i can't really give a track order (i brought different bits from different tracks in and out all the way through), but the actual tracks that appear are:

jumpel - quicken belts
grau - catacumbas del terror
edson byer - desconstruĆ§Ć£o (part 2)
floating mind - molekular travel
moog control - congo
luminarsi - three hundred and three
wolfgang raspe - housing the mind

netlabel minimalism (wreckovery 17.5.09) (right click to download - 48mb) or stream below.

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