3rrr radio

i got an e-mail from simon winkler, the music co-ordinator at 3rrr radio in melbourne, this morning...

Hi Adrian,
Hope all's well, and you enjoyed the weekend.
I located the CDs and distributed them last Wednesday. Both releases are sounding excellent, and the Telefonica 'I Saw This And Thought Of You' was added to the 3RRR Soundscape for the week beginning June 1st.
Copies of the CD were distributed to the following programs:
Delivery, The Australian Mood, Incoming, Breakfasters, To & Fro, Local &/Or General, Against The Arctic, Dance Cadaverous, O'Tomorrow, Breaking & Entering, Skull Cave, No Way Back, Under The Sun, Beat Orgy, Dynamite.

The Lessons In Time CDs were distributed to the following programs:
The International Pop Underground, Against The Arctic, To & Fro, Local &/Or General, Incoming, Transference.

One copy of each CD was added today to the Studio New Releases rack for all presenters to access as well.

Thanks again,


the soundscape thing is online for a week (june 1 - june 8) at http://www.rrr.org.au/music/soundscape/


Blake said...

wow, how exciting
what are the numbers for this radio station?

there was a great show on FBI last night... it finished at 11, in case you recognise what show it might have been

do you listen to efterklang adrian?
i am listening to them, and i love them

ajebec said...

you'll only be able to hear it if you listen online as it's in melbourne - just google 3rrr and you'll find it. they're the equivalent of fbi up here, but have been around for nearly 30 years.

that show is in the pines, with dave regos. he was actually the first person to ever play lessons in time on radio, way before we released anything - i think he got stuff from your myspace. he's also played both lessons in time and telafonica quite regularly ever since. and his whole show is quite great - a really nice mix of things.

i don't have any efterklang, but after watching the video you sent the link to last night, i am definitely going to have to get some.

Blake said...

ah, ok... yep, it was a great show

efterklang is probably my new favourite band