20th - may, 2009

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released may, 2009

Bec wrote the words from this based on an idea initially inspired by postcard type posters of nice scenery with 'inspirational' text plastered around the staffrooms where we work. by the time the music got finished, they had been edited down to the hook heard here. Musically, there's a lot of The Knife in there, and a structure inspired by Sherlock's Daughter's technique of just having a single vocal hook over a whole song, with musical interludes in place of verses. From memory, there's an Underworld sample in there as well, but it's been time stretched quite a bit. The extended outro came at Blake's request and worked well, I think, in giving the whole thing a good wind down so that it didn't feel like it just ended after 5 or so minutes of fairly intense noise.

I had the pleasure of making the sleeves for the CD this time around. I used a photo Bec took at one of our rehearsals as the basis, then just laid the text 'May 20th 2009' in cmy, each colour in a different position. The actual CD contains the following tracks:

2. Thundermaker - SON OF EVIL GENIUS
3. Number 2 - 44HERTZ
4. Now - THE DESKS
5. No Escape For The Confined - TELAFONICA
6. Won't You Come Back Again - LEAF LIGHT FEATHER
7. Still They Come - RAINBOAT
8. The Game - WRC
9. For The 20th Time - VLAYMAN
10. Bamboo - 44HERTZ
11. Piracy II - MERANKORII
12. Milk Is The Daughter - LITTLE CHOP OF HORRORS feat. MS STICKY LIPS

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