good heads for radio

a few bits of nice news...

i got a message from dom alessio who does the home and hosed show on jjj, asking us if they could get a copy of i saw this and thought of you. needless to say, i sent of a whole pile of promo copies for everyone at jjj today.

then this afternoon, i received a forwarded e-mail from georgie to let us know that fbi had playlisted the quest for love aboard the belafonte. it was the track that went in on the promo disc for the gig next week. it doesn't have blake's guitar or voice yet, but it's still sounding pretty great.

eliza - any advances on a date/time to record some singing for karoshi?
blake - any advances on a time to record guitar?


Blake said...

some time on saturday?
not the morning though

Eliza said...

How about Sat evening for me?

Eliza said...

Hey, I'm sick as a dog, and when I open my mouth I sound like a toothless octogenarian who recently had her oesophagus removed. Can we reschedule my Saturday recording for early next week, perhaps?

(By the way, I should mention that I'm busy next Tuesday evening, so if you were thinking of having a Telafonica practice then, I won't be able to come.)

ajebec said...

that will teach you to get too close to blake.

we will need a rehearsal at some stage before thursday, especially since we need to work out stuff without bec. when else is good for you? sometime monday? wednesday night?

Eliza said...

Monday or Wednesday are both fine. I was going to the thing on Monday night, but I'm not anymore 'cause I'm going to need a few nights in to get better. But for Telafonica - I begrudgingly sacrifice my health.

Oh and Bec - I went to the Toonie op shop early last week and found a fantastic skirt, just like you said. It's the velvet, flowery, green-ish one that looks like carpet. I vote our next gig dress scheme be 'dress as carpet'.