Kraftwerk interview

Hey Aje, I thought you'd like this one http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/jun/19/kraftwerk-hutter-manchester-international
Bummer about the Oz Co application, why didn't you send it to me first?! Assessing grant applications is what I spend half my life doing these days :) Sweet work on the Wire review, and thanks for sending the CD and 7" they look and sound great! (well the CD does, I'm yet to find a record player to play the vinyl on), Mx

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ajebec said...

only reason i didn't get you to proof it was because i only submitted it 13 seconds before the deadline!!

there was a problem with their server which meant i couldn't work on it when i'd originally planned, and so had to do the final stuff on the last day, hence the cutting it fine.

they did publish something the next day to say that they'd extended the deadline because their server had been down, but it was too late by then.

i think our main downfall was that we didn't have a specific project in mind to hang everything on conveniently. it all felt a little unfocused to me, so i'm sure they probably felt the same. i don't think it was enough to say 'please give us some money so we can keep churning along like we will anyway, even if you don't give us money'. :)