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i just got this month's copy of wire magazine and it's got a review of the nothing ventured/an invitation 7" in the 'size matters' section. it reads...

Lathe cut single by a Sydney based quartet (or trio) whose numbers have a tendency to float off to the UK. The A side is a nicely wound, abstract combination of strings and laptop, a bit in the style of some old Keith Fullerton Whitman performances. But there are soft arcs of moany vocals in spots that give it a very different feel from anything Hrvatski ever did. The flip has a twinkle-pop take on bedroom Kevin Ayers moves. Which is a surprise. And a good one.

Byron Coley

now i can die happy - we've got a good review in wire magazine! needless to say, i shall be googling keith fullerton whitman.


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ajebec said...

you have such a way with words, blake.