i've become mildly obsessed with pocahaunted over the last couple of weeks. their releases are pretty much impossible to find as they're generally in very small runs and sell out but are pretty great (thanks, soulseek). some, especially the cassette only releases, are pretty murky and so i don't find them as immersive, but more sharply produced stuff can be pretty mesmerising. they basically improvise droney instrumental things with wailing, wordless vocals, and i particularly like when the bass gets really dubby and repetitive. i can imagine enjoying doing something along these lines at some stage, though i would imagine being much more satisfied with more robust rhythms (i sometimes find the drumming pretty cliched in building atmospheres like any hippy/jam band would do it). perhaps mixing dubstep beats with this kind of noisy free-form improv? anyway, here's a live clip to give you an idea. this ones not particularly noisy, and only lasts 2 1/2 minutes (their tracks are often 15 or 20 minutes long) but gives an idea...

oh, and as an aside, speaking of archive.org - for all the history/nostalgia buffs out there, try here orhere.

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