20th july, 2009

The 20th Project is when artists write and record an entirely new piece of music in a single day (the 20th of the month) without any preparation beforehand or editing afterwards. For more information on the 20th Project, visit Cabinet Pin.
released july, 2009

Don't know if anyone can tell, but Telafonica in general was going through a bit of a The Middle East phase around this time! I also wanted to do something in a new time signature, so 7/4 it was. It's one guitar riff that has things built onto it over the course of 5 minutes. The percussion also was important - everything is in 7/4 technically, but accents are all different for each percussive things, breaking it up into 3/4+4/4, 4/4+3/4, 2/4+2/4+2/4+1/4 etc depending on what you listen to. Bec wrote the words, some of which I didn't quite get to fit naturally on first draft, but that can be fixed later.

The actual 20th disc that the track finished up on includes the following tracks:

1. 20-50/11-40at1602 - Cloudy
2. Stairwells For Ears - Future Conduit
3. It's A Conundrum - Vlayman
4. Walking With The Dinosaurs - WRC
5. Egg - Bag
6. Driving Into The Sun - Cloudy
7. Denaturalization - Merankorii
8. For You - +Ko+Ko+
9. Increasing - The Desks
10. The Wrong Address - Telafonica

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