the quest for love aboard the belafonte text

david - i think this is all the text, i'll let you know if anything else comes up. the track titles are as they are as apra won't recognise multiple registrations of the same song. we are giving a percentage of the writing credits to each remixer for their version in lieu of not being able to pay them upfront, so need to register each version separately.

the last sentence is so that when we send hard copies around to radio/publicity etc, they can hopefully advertise that fact - feel free to change the wording, i'm not sure i've come up with the strongest wording.



the quest for love aboard the belafonte


1. the quest for love aboard the belafonte
2. the quest for actual russian brides aboard the belafonte (jaunty bering sea version)
3. the quest for karoshi aboard the belafonte
4. the quest for telafonica aboard the belafonte

all tracks written, performed and produced by telafonica
extra production for track 2 by actual russian brides
extra production for track 3 by beres jackson

artwork designed by kind permission




this release is a free netlabel download. feel free to copy it as often as you like and pass it to others.


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