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i got an e-mail from stu buchanan of new weird australia and discontent fame today, which had the following to say...

>thanks for sending me the new telafonica album. i listened to it end-to-end in the car on the way to work this morning, fucking perfect start to the day. it's a great accomplishment, well done all!

>here's a proposal, by way of promotion for the album. would love for you (or the band as a whole?) to curate a mixtape for discontent. can be anything you like, free reign to make your own little audio concoction. no deadline.

>pink priest dropped a mixtape last week, it's beautiful, amazing work.
We Sleep In This Cave | A Mixtape by Pink Priest

>here's some of my recent tapes
Discontent | All That Glitters Is Gold
Discontent | Burnt By The Sun
Discontent | Hypnogogic Pop
Discontent | Music For Merce

>anyway, hope you might give it some consideration, would be great to have you on board.

>so it goes

i'd love to put something together for it. i've been thinking that we could tie it to the album, using the inspiration discs from the end of last year as a starting point, but also adding anything that's come up since then that has had an impact to what we did on the album - inspirations, samples etc. the one restriction is copyright stuff - we can only really use tracks that are available as legal, free downloads. i think that might cover maybe a third of those tracks, maybe a few more. but i was thinking that if we compiled everything we wanted to include, we can get them all together in ableton live and use the full versions of the free stuff, while the other bits we can use snippets of, as samples and small loops, which we mix in with other full tracks, sort of like a continuous dj mix, rather than a series of discrete tracks.

any thoughts?

if we went ahead with that idea, i think the best starting point would be to compile a list of everything we might want to include. doesn't really matter how long the list is as much of it would only be represented by snippets.


Blake said...

the freely downloadable tracks of my mix cd are:

a surprise-balĂșn
swimming pool-ghoul
yacht-we're always waiting
you win-slaraffenklang
*i can't remember the title of this song*-whitewash

ajebec said...

anything else you want to add that came up after you made the compilation? even if it was just a quick idea you stole from somewhere for any of the tracks.

Blake said...

not really