finally inside the rizzeria

i spent yesterday inside the rizzeria printing room - a cosy little space with the riso printer on one side, a desk with a pc on the other side, riso equipment stored in various nooks and crannies, lots of risos on the walls, and not much else.

my volunteer helper was leigh. he was great and reminded me incredibly of david. that's him in the photo with the exact same standing waiting posture as david, exact same type of beard in the exact same colour, a similar face etc etc. he liked the newsprint paper so much he bought what was leftover and i'll send him the details of how to get it from school (where i ordered it from).

the prints looks incredibly great. i ended up having to relay my original fully lined template over your images david, otherwise the crop and score marks were being completely lost. the posters look great with the two colours interacting beautifully. we ended up leaving the green side of the lyrics page to be printed tomorrow (monday) as the ink was not dry enough from the first side so was leaving traces on the printing drum and coming up on the poster. so i'll get those when we go in to fbi of thursday.

the images are of the first layer of the case - the text and crop/score marks. they're printed on 300gsm paper which is much sturdier than the 220gsm we used for the last one. so now to a week of cutting, scoring and folding.


Jason Tam said...

hey sir can you please give me a template of the cd cover's net. i could use it for a project of mine.

btw i change my display picture. =]

ajebec said...

only if you stop calling me sir.

Jason Tam said...

i cant sir. =p

you will always be know as my art teacher. and besides its weird calling you Adrian.. *shudder*

Unknown said...

Glad you got in there this week.
Very much looking forward to seeing it.
you're gonna have lines on the case though?? that's a bit of a shame. Or should I say SHAM!

ajebec said...

well, the lines are only printed where the score lines go, so, in general, they're all removed in the scoring and folding process, so they don't feature in the final product.

Jason Tam said...

so.. are you going to send me a template and time soon?