men in shorts


i think our friend here has missed the point


ajebec said...

i looked through that site last week thinking it would be great to send to you! but then it didn't turn out to be that funny, i thought. short shorts don't look as bad as they did 5 years ago.

Blake said...

yeh, i just remembered it this morning, and thought it had to be on the blog.

you at home tonight? need a hand with anything album-related? i might be able to acquire a car for the evening

ajebec said...

if you want to come over we can always do with more cutting/folding etc. but it's not like a big deal - we've got 50 copies of the album already done, so more will be a bonus.

we do need to burn copies of the christmas disc though - and my drive's not too reliable for that at the moment, so maybe you could bring yours over and do that.

will be an early night though, i'm buggered from too many 1am finishes getting things done!

Blake said...

um, i don't know about my drive- i wouldn't trust it anymore than i would trust yours

i'll let you know later

ajebec said...


much better rundown on short shorts, even if only for one specific group of people.