more electronica

something i made in a day and a bit. i got a cd-r of samples of pretty much every drum machine ever invented, so that was my starting point. i made a bunch of them into drum kits for ableton live and thought i'd start with an oberheim dmz, so that's what the drum sounds are made with. yesterday, i was listening to public enemy's 'fear of a black planet', one of the all time truly great albums. it's so heavy and dense, so that's where the rhythm ideas started from - kind of a heavy funk/break kind of thing. then i got a track from a great new album from a group called emptyset, which is kind of noisy, ambient techno with dark bass - very minimal. i cut a handful of samples from it and then set them to trigger by playing them on a keyboard. i added a twisted up miles davis snippet (from his 'bitches brew' album) which kind of adds excited texture to the whole thing (it was a bit clinical without it and not quite heavy enough). another miles blast was put in later with a delay to accent the rhythm. it was originally a straight 4/4 thing, but then i added an extra beat per cycle, and moved the kicks and snares around a bit, so now it's actually in 9/4, while the emptyset bits stay in 4/4. this (hopefully) gives the whole thing a disoriented feeling.

the track is called 9/4-120 - the time signature and bpm of the track. of course, play it loud with lots of bottom end.


Blake said...

this is great

Peter Hollo said...

Very nicely done! And did I maybe have some part in the emptyset purchase? :P

ajebec said...

absolutely, peter! you know i'd track down anything you recommend. :)