ozco grant

we didn't get the ozco grant - our application was ineligible. one of the criteria is that they won't fund the purchase of musical equipment. i already knew this, but on the soundclash grant page, there was no mention of it in any of the sections which listed the kind of things they wouldn't fund, so i assumed that the soundclash grant had different rules. but, as they pointed out to me in their e-mail, there is a little point about it near the bottom of another page talking about who is or isn't eligible to apply. so, the rule is there, i missed it, and our application is ineligible. my apologies.


Blake said...

forgiven. and forgotten (you).

Eliza said...

We could make a song about that. Only we probably won't have the funds to record our music anymore. We're going to have to lease the garage to some preppy boy band who remember to read the fine print on their grant applications.