some electronic music.

i got a new behringer input/output thing for bec's macbook today, to overcome the problem that the new macbooks only have one port for microphone and headphone. you have to switch between the two, which means you can't record and listen at the same time. this, of course, makes recording live instruments in time impossible. hence the little behringer box, which works perfectly.

anyway, in the absence of the ability to record acoustically, i've been working on some completely midi/synth based things for the last week or so. here they are. neither is titled yet - i think there's a possibility that some sort of vocals could go into them. in any event, they're probably not tracks for the full live context, but should work for dj-ing type things. but i don't know, maybe we could twist them into 4 people twiddling knobs of some sort.

i've also had the idea over the last couple of days of maybe putting out an ep on 3" cd-r, using old floppy discs as the packaging. i tried one out yesterday and, with a cd dot in the middle of one side, the 3" disc sits perfectly. it would probably best suit electronically inclined music - so maybe these could be the basis?

so, they're all completely electronic, except for the last section of the first one, which demostrates that the behringer in/out box is working. the second is also significant in that the main drum sounds all come from samples from blake's cheap old yamaha keyboard.

oh, and some decent bottom end on your listening system is probably required for them to sound any good.

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Blake said...

both of those are great.