sound quality & everything is chemical

tim ritchie played not one but two tracks off the album on sound quality on radio national this week (and has some rather nice things to say). if you click on the link here it will take you to the page. you can stream the whole show. the telafonica bits are at the beginning of part 2. they're only there for 4 weeks, so listen in now.

also, over on the everything is chemical blog, the album snuck into the lower regions of the best albums of 2009 list.


Eliza said...

Wow. I think my head is getting really big from all these people who like us. Imagine what real fame would do to me. Yipes!

Adrian, how do you always know when people play us? It's a gift.

P.S., I love Tim Ritchie.

ajebec said...

well, i don't know every time something happens, but i subscribe to tim ritchie's e-mail list because his show is just interesting in general, so i saw it on the list this week. as for all the other blogs etc, people generally send me an e-mail of they're writing something up, since they've only received the cd or whatever because i've written to them in the first place.

i do love the internet, it makes these things so much more accessible - i sucked big time at promo-ing myself in the old days when you had to actually ring people up, or schmooze them at other people's gigs, before the onset of internet social media.

Eliza said...

I can't imagine you schmoozing someone. You're right on about the internet.