dos on bandcamp

i thought i'd set up a bandcamp site for our music - it's a nice looking site that i've come across that a few different artists i like have used. it basically means you can put the music up and people can download it. you can set whatever price you like, or make it free or, the option i've chosen, where the downloader can choose their own price, including for free. it also makes the music available in pretty much any format, including lossless formats. so i started at the beginning with dos (though i forgot about our first demo disc - should we put that up online?)

so head over here to see what all the fuss is about, or just stream the whole thing below. you can also click on the dos cover over in the telafonica releases thing on the left, and i've added those details to the entry for it.

<a href="http://telafonica.bandcamp.com/album/dos">Everything Is Green (Except The Way I Feel) by telafonica</a>

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