live set up idea

i've been toying with the idea of running everything we do live through the mixing desk - a little like we did for that gig up in newcastle, blake. so i've bought a pickup for the autoharp and installed it, and will look into contact mic-ing other things like the typewriter, toy piano etc in the next few weeks. the obvious instrument that might not enjoy that so much is the guitar, though. however, i've noticed that logic pro has this - http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/plug-ins/ - a bunch of amp modellers etc. does your version include something like that? if so, we could run your guitar without an amp while still getting a great (perhaps even better than now) sound.

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Blake said...

i have logic express (not as good as pro)... there are good things on there if we want to run the guitar through, i guess. though, i would be tempted to even cull the guitar from the live setup-- we could be more interesting without a guitar, no? and our songwriting could still benefit from it as well (even though we don't use guitar in every song anyway). we could use more keyboard, toy piano, melodica, glock etc. etc. in the construction of the song arrangements, rather than after thoughts.