if everyone remembers, we were going to do a gig on january 16 at the excelsior for the wreckovery series, but then the excelsior cancelled it because they decided they wanted to devote their summer sundays to 'acoustic sessions'. well, the acoustic sessions are a flop and they've asked ant if he would consider doing wreckovery again. so, the gig from jan 16 will now take place on feb 28. it's an early sunday arvo deal. i've already said yes and figure whoever can join me we'll work around that - the more, the better.


Bec said...
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Bec said...

So who will be taking me to see Tex Perkins as Johnny Cash?

ajebec said...

ok, if you insist.

yes, i overlooked that.

so, m.o.r. has taken our place at this wreckovery and we'll play at thext one, probably late april, i think.