Lessons In Time - You Dance And You Dance Single

Just when you think you have heard it all before, there is an artist/band emerging from nowhere with a new, genre-defying, yet at the same time, accessible & sublime sound. Arcade Fire did it. Fleet Foxes did it. Bon Iver, Great Lake Swimmers, and so on, did it.

Blake Wassell AKA Lessons In Time is 19 and lives in Australia, he is fascinated by the capabilities of sound and music. Blake makes music, which is as beautiful as it is fascinating, made up with at-hand materials, field recordings, heartfelt and clever vocals and traditional instruments, using minimal recording equipment. His sound walks in the middle of electronic, experimental uniqueness and rustic, hillbilly folk, leaving you wondering how he at this young age is already creating music which falls in its own genre.

‘You Dance, And You Dance’ is out to download now, March 15th 2010 , and is taken from the forthcoming debut album by Lessons In Time out later this spring.


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ajebec said...

p.s. the hyperbole is courtesy of blake's label. :)

Blake said...

haha. blake or adrian would never have anything to do with such hyperbole!

Bec said...

bec and ellie would though

Eliza said...

I do have a wonderful relationship with exaggeration.

Blake, are you making actual CDs as well or is only downloadable? I want one. I feel very blessed to be a piece of furniture in your house.

ajebec said...

4-4-2 music has been granted the right to put the album out in australia, so we'll probably make some cd-r promo copies of the single for radio - if you're really nice we might be able to see if there's a spare left over for you.

Marcus Whale said...

so precocious!