the photographer at the parramatta paper wants to do their own photos for the article, because none of the types of things i sent them were suitable. it needs to happen by monday afternoon at the latest. so we're booked in to meet him/her at mars hill at 3:45 on monday afternoon. bec, i've told them we have a strict deadline of leaving at 4:15 so we can get imojjen. blake, i know you're not free but the only other possible time was today at 4, at which time bec and i were the only ones free, so monday is the best of two less than ideal options. but if there was any chance of being there, that would be excellent.


blog layout

p.s. blogger has some new layout settings which i'm playing around with. the original layout was a template imported into blogger which wasn't ideal. i like the layout of that template, but because it was a 3rd party template, it had a few glitches in trying to run it within blogger (like the title image which regularly disappeared, as you may have noticed in the last day or so). so i'm trying to recreate that setout within blogger's new template structures. i'm almost there, but if things look a little strange, that's just my experiments playing out in real time. my apologies.

everything is chemical virtual 7" single

raymond collins, who runs the excellent everything is chemical blog, is setting up a virtual 7" series (kind of like the 4-4-2 music e-single of the month club) and has asked us if we'd like to contribute a couple of tracks. here's the rundown...

"The virtual 7" idea is something I plan on starting this summer/fall. What I am asking from each artist is to really step out of their shell a little bit. I would prefer mostly chill/relaxing ambient tracks, but that doesn't mean no vocals or "peppy/upbeat" sounds. I would prefer to keep it a little more on the electronic side, but that doesn't mean I'm against "organic/natural sounds". Each track must be exclusive to the EICV7". At least one newly composed track (or two), and/or one cover."

any suggestions for tracks we can contribute? there's probably something from a 20th we can polish up. a cover would also be fun - are any of the covers we've worked on suitable (i don't think any are particularly laid back that i can recall)? if not, any suggestions for a track we can cover that would fit the bill? or, actually, just a track we could cover - if we start from scratch we can make it fit the bill no matter what the original sounds like.


july 20th, 2010

two tracks for this month, one i did late at night (hence its minimalism) and one blake did as lessons in time.

mars and venus is just a single bass drone which i repeated about 4 times, pitching each slightly differently (+/- about 10% of a tone overall) so they phase in and out, causing lots of random peaks and troughs. if you aren't listening with any bottom end on your playback system, the first half will probably sound like silence. it's actually relatively loud, but needs bass speakers to be present. the rest is one drum loop sped up and chopped up lots, then a little blippy arpeggio. that's about it.

blake - blunt and unreferenced versus new and black: i used an acoustic guitar recording, a couple of voice recordings, some straight percussion samples and delay on probably everything. the song is probably a little shorter than what i want it to be. it was originally a little longer but i didn't like it all, so i deleted some bits.


mars hill café

matt wakeling is playing a show at mars hill cafe on wednesday, august 11 as st jambience - his improvised soundscape music. he's asked us if we'd like to play. would we? other options might be for lessons in time to play a set as blake is keen to get that happening (but it might be too close, not sure - blake?). i've also been discussing an improvised ambient/noise thing with julian rojas which we could maybe do. my guess is it would be a bit more low-key on a wednesday than it would on a saturday. anyway, i'm keen to do something in whatever setup. what does everyone else think?


an update from sam

in sam's words...

"heres a still of how its going.. note: not complete............................."

(this is just a detail - if you click on the image it will take you to the full thing)


scissor lock

marcus whale, who runs curt who will put out our 3inch ep in a couple of months' time, is launching his own new scissor lock album tomorrow night (sunday) in a warehouse. i'm keen on going - anyone want to come with me? i'm doing sound between 4 and 6 and will head in after that if i can scrounge up any accomplices (sp?).


nothing ventured /an invitation

i made a bandcamp page for the nothing ventured/an invitation 7" so that people can buy it and then get a digital copy straight away as well. it's over here. (i also updated the page on the blog that has all the info for it, if you click on the little icon down the left.)

speaking of which, how about slipping nothing ventured back into the set list on friday? we haven't done it for a while. any other requests for the set list so i can start getting it ready? also, it seems that thursday evening is the only time everyone is free before friday, so that looks like it will be the date for rehearsal.