the bon scotts

would we be interested in supporting the bon scotts. they're coming up from melbourne to launch their album at a venue called raval and the booker, leyne (ween keen/landsdowne/etc organiser) has asked us if we'd like to play. it's on friday, october 15.

bon scotts here.


ask me

ask me

the liquid fact
the literary fact
the literal fact
fact fact

the liquid real
the literary real
the literal real
real real

is not truth
the liquid truth
the literary truth
the literal truth

it's just not
and that's the way it is
not a simple head
but a simple heart


august 20th, 2010

another month, another couple of tracks.

bec and i did this one. i had heard a dj on fbi radio the night before playing some old-school house/acid bits, and that's where the music started - very simple and minimal with tiny bits of syncopation to make it swing. bec then gave me some words, and it immediately started to veer into territory reminiscent of some band we saw a few weeks ago. bec's had a dead throat for a few days and couldn't contribute the required female vocals, so i dragged imojjen out to the studio at quarter to nine to fill in...

the next piece is blake's. i do know it features the samples i made of his old yamaha keyboard. i don't know if it's telafonica or lessons in time, we'll have to wait for blake's input...


4-4-2 music mixtape vol. 1

4-4-2 Music Mixtape Vol. 1
August 2010
23mins 25secs

Download mp3 version here (31mb)
Download .wav version here (237mb)
Download flac version here (115mb)
Download ogg vorbis version here (15mb)
Download artwork jpg here (809kb)

A layered mix of demos, sketches and otherwise unreleased pieces of music. All music by Telafonica. Mixed by Telafonica.

Tracks (in vague order):

Elec 25.12
Near Foregone Conclusions
Does It Know
The Thickness Of White
Circumvent The Obvious
I Heard A Ring So I Buried
Home Song


demo mixtapes

i had an idea which i pitched to clan analogue. the response there has been a bit lukewarm, but it might get up and running. the idea was that people could upload bits of music in progress and then, every month or so, someone can come along and pick out different bits and make a 20-30 minute mixtape from any of the bits they's like to stick together. i was imagining that, because they were work in progress and might be reasonably minimal, they could be layered quite extensively to build up the sound. one of the places the idea came from is the oneofour collective, which some of the guys from seekae and ghoul, amongst others, are a part of. anyway, as i said, there's been a little bit of a response at clan analogue, so i'll probably get something up and running, but whether or not it progresses there is another story. however, after doing that, i figured that telafonica actually has lots of bits of music lying around in different stages of completion - some that may never go further, others that have already had lots more work done to them. but i thought we could use that idea just using our own bits of music. so i've done one to start it off, and i'll upload it soon. but i thought it might be nice, if we do it semi-regularly, to actually name the series and then just have each one as a volume.

so....the question is, does anyone have a name they think might work for the idea?


parramatta sun article

well, it didn't make it to print in the end, but here it is on the website. please note - the quotes are not verbatim!