4-4-2 music mixtape vol. 1

4-4-2 Music Mixtape Vol. 1
August 2010
23mins 25secs

Download mp3 version here (31mb)
Download .wav version here (237mb)
Download flac version here (115mb)
Download ogg vorbis version here (15mb)
Download artwork jpg here (809kb)

A layered mix of demos, sketches and otherwise unreleased pieces of music. All music by Telafonica. Mixed by Telafonica.

Tracks (in vague order):

Elec 25.12
Near Foregone Conclusions
Does It Know
The Thickness Of White
Circumvent The Obvious
I Heard A Ring So I Buried
Home Song


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful! <3
Can't wait for more. :D

A. said...

This is such a beautiful mix.