has something gone wrong around here?

no posts for far too long. it really must be a hiatus.

we have a gig in a few weeks time and if we'd like to get some new things ready, as blake said, we should have a few rehearsals. any preferences for times? i'm free most nights except every second wednesday (this week being one of those), and the next 2 fridays.

i have booked the red rattler theatre for sunday, november 7. telafonica, lessons in time (?), karoshi, st jambience will be playing, and hopefully andy rantzen will do something in some guise, as might andrew maxam/loopsnake. i've also been talking with marcus whale and we're thinking it might be a good opportunity to launch the 3" cd-r ep on his curt label at the event. i'm reviving the 'just like now' moniker for the thing.

the tibet benefit thing looks like it will include telafonica, that's on saturday, november 27.


Blake said...

i'm very free during next week. i'm unavailable september 27- october 1.

Eliza said...

Sorry for my sporadic (i.e. non-existent) replying to stuff on the blog.

I'm working six days a week, finishing most days around 5:30, and I can basically do any night in the next two weeks and not Fridays after that. It'd be nice if we could make them not go too late, otherwise I'll be stuffed for work the next day.

I miss y'all!

ajebec said...

are you free on the 15th (october)? that's the gig with the bon scotts, which is a friday night.

Eliza said...

Hmm, good question. I'll double check and get back to you. Should be fine.

Eliza said...
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Eliza said...

P.S., yes I can do the 15th.