soundclash again

the soundclash grant is open again. which is good news as it means the australia council sees it has benefit. it was originally there as a kind of 'see how it goes' type thing, but it must have had positive feedback.

anyway, we should apply. remembering that you can't apply for money for equipment! and the project is for march of next year on. which might tie in nicely with the timing for a new telafonica album or two. though you can't apply for money for cd pressing. but you can use it for things like vinyl pressing, or maybe packaging (i just got the deluxe edition of underworld's new album and it's truly beautiful). or touring costs. or something else more creative than the stock standard costs. like commissioning a dvd/film for a whole album (like anton cornijn's 'linear' for u2's last album). we've got a couple of months until the deadline in early december, but it would be good to have something definitive and concrete. and a bit ambitious, i think.

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ajebec said...

i've been watching the dvd component of underworld's new album this evening and, along with the u2 thing i mentioned earlier, got me thinking. what if we got a dvd together, that covered the entire album in film things. not exactly film clips, more artworks. the 'linear' thing works as a whole narrative, which i quite like. some of the underworld ones are more visually stunning, which i also like, but they don't run as a narrative.

anyway, here's a vague fantasy. we have an album which we sell as cds which we pay for etc ourselves (well, 4-4-2 music does) but then we have a version which includes the album on vinyl plus the dvd of all the films.

just an idea to pin some money on.