new gigs

we're going to be playing at the album launch for karoshi's new album. it will be on saturday, march 12, so write it on your brand new 2011 calenders.

secondly, chris hearn (alps) has invited us up to newcastle on march the 11th (yep, the night before - we can call it a tour). he's starting up a new monthly thing there called 'intellectronica' where a variety of electronic bands play from 8:30, but before that, there's a workshop on whatever topic can be covered by presenters from the bands that are playing. he's asked me to be part of a workshop on running an online label. karoshi will also be playing on the night, an official newcastle launch show for his album. who is in?


Bec said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, Adrian, but it is my Mum's birthday and we shall be accordingly engaged. You may consult me any time you like before you confirm or publish such things. You will find me usually in the same room as you or at the most one room away.
Yours affectionately,

ajebec said...

actually, you're normally in bed asleep when all the important negotiations take place. it's much safer to do it this way than to wake you up.

don't fret - it's not confirmed, hence the question at the end.

Bec said...

That's true. Safer for you. Don't ever wake me up unless my life is threatened. Otherwise, your life will be in jeopardy.